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Customized project branch suggestion is now main (following Git)
Until now in the main webpage, we were suggesting to call the new branch (to start customizing) as 'master' (following the old Git convention). However, Git has recently changed its default branch name to 'main'. With this commit, to be consistent with other newly created Git repos, we are suggesting to call the main customized branch as 'main'.
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<pre><code>git clone https://git.maneage.org/project.git <span class="comment"># Clone Maneage, default branch `maneage'.</span>
mv project my-project && cd my-project <span class="comment"># Set custom name and enter directory.</span>
git remote rename origin origin-maneage <span class="comment"># Rename remote server to use `origin' later.</span>
-git checkout -b master <span class="comment"># Make new `master' branch, start customizing.</span></code></pre>
+git checkout -b main <span class="comment"># Make new `main' branch, start customizing.</span></code></pre>
<p>You are now ready to configure and make the raw template with the commands below.
If they are successful, you can start customizing it.