output-raw.gitRaw output of Maneage (a PDF file) in some points of its history.Mohammad Akhlaghi14 months
paper-concept.gitPaper (Towards Long-term and Archivable Reproducibility)Mohammad Akhlaghi8 weeks
project.gitCore Maneage branch (where all projects derive from)Mohammad Akhlaghi
slides-intro.gitLaTeX source of slides that introduce Maneage in Akhlaghi7 weeks
tarballs-software.gitTarballs of all software that are used in ManeageMohammad Akhlaghi12 days
videos.gitSome recorded videos describing various aspects of ManeageMohammad Akhlaghi7 months
webpage.gitHTML/CSS source of Maneage webpageMohammad Akhlaghi4 months