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2 files changed, 7 insertions, 1 deletions
diff --git a/project b/project
index 1e3546d..900e02c 100755
--- a/project
+++ b/project
@@ -91,6 +91,7 @@ Project 'make' special features.
./project make Build the project on one thread
./project make -jN Built the project in parallel on N threads.
./project make clean Clean all files generated by 'make' (not software).
+ ./project make texclean Clean all files built by (La)TeX.
./project make distclean Clean everything (including compiled software).
./project make dist Produce a LaTeX-ready-to-build distribution tarball
('tar.gz') of the project. This is ready to be
diff --git a/reproduce/analysis/make/initialize.mk b/reproduce/analysis/make/initialize.mk
index 6e17877..a5d5b92 100644
--- a/reproduce/analysis/make/initialize.mk
+++ b/reproduce/analysis/make/initialize.mk
@@ -219,13 +219,18 @@ project-package-contents = $(texdir)/$(project-package-name)
# we want to ensure that the file is always built in every run: it contains
# the project version which may change between two separate runs, even when
# no file actually differs.
-.PHONY: all clean dist dist-zip dist-lzip distclean clean-mmap \
+.PHONY: all clean dist dist-zip dist-lzip texclean distclean clean-mmap \
$(project-package-contents) $(mtexdir)/initialize.tex
# --------- Delete for no Gnuastro ---------
clean-mmap:; rm -f reproduce/config/gnuastro/mmap*
# ------------------------------------------
+ rm *.pdf
+ rm -rf $(BDIR)/tex/build/*
+ mkdir $(BDIR)/tex/build/tikz # 'tikz' is assumed to already exist.
clean: clean-mmap
# Delete the top-level PDF file.
rm -f *.pdf