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Fixed faulty spell check correction in software name
As part of Commit 87b510bc, an Emacs spell check was run on the paper. However, during the process, the Jupyter add-on name 'nbextensions' was mistakenly "corrected" to "extension's"! With this commit, it has been corrected to its correct name. The commit message was edited to add more clarity/context, also Florian's name has been added in the acknowledgments by Mohammad.
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@@ -194,7 +194,7 @@ It is important to remember that the longevity of a project is determined by its
Furthermore, as with job management, CNs do not actively encourage good practices in programming or project management.
The ``cells'' in a Jupyter notebook can either be run sequentially (from top to bottom, one after the other) or by manually selecting the cell to run.
By default, cell dependencies are not included (e.g., automatically running some cells only after certain others), parallel execution, or usage of more than one language.
-There are third party add-ons like \inlinecode{sos} or \inlinecode{extension's} (both written in Python) for some of these.
+There are third party add-ons like \inlinecode{sos} or \inlinecode{nbextensions} (both written in Python) for some of these.
However, since they are not part of the core, a shorter longevity can be assumed.
The core Jupyter framework has few options for project management, especially as the project grows beyond a small test or tutorial.
Notebooks, can, therefore rarely deliver their promised potential\cite{rule18} and may even hamper reproducibility\cite{pimentel19}.
@@ -592,6 +592,7 @@ Fabrizio Gagliardi,
Konrad Hinsen,
Marios Karouzos,
Johan Knapen,
+Florian Kohrt,
Tamara Kovazh,
Sebastian Luna Valero,
Terry Mahoney,