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Gnuastro's analysis configuration files removed
Until now, the core Maneage branch included some configuration files for Gnuastro's programs. This was actually a remnant of the distant past when Maneage didn't actually build its own software and we had to rely on the host's software versions. This file contained the configuration files specific to Gnuastro for this project and also had a feature to avoid checking the host's own configuration files. However, we now build all our software ourselves with fixed configuration files (for the version that is being installed and its version is stored). So those extra configuration files were just extra and caused confusion and problems in some scenarios. With this commit, those extra files are now removed. Also, two small issues are also addressed in parallel with this commit: - When running './project make clean', the 'hardware-parameters.tex' macro file (which is created by './project configure' is not deleted. - The project title is now written into the default output's PDF's properties (through 'hypersetup' in 'tex/src/preamble-header.tex') through the LaTeX macro. All these issues were found and fixed with the help of Samane Raji.
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--- a/reproduce/software/shell/configure.sh
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@@ -1257,7 +1257,6 @@ ln -s "$tikzdir" tex/tikz
# --------- Delete for no Gnuastro ---------
rm -f .gnuastro
-ln -s "$topdir"/reproduce/analysis/config/gnuastro .gnuastro
# ------------------------------------------