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Reactivated --host-cc config option to use host C compiler
Until now, if GCC couldn't be built for any reason, Maneage would crash and the user had no way forward. Since GCC is complicated, it may happen and is frustrating to wait until the bug is fixed. Also, while debugging Maneage, when we know GCC has no problem, because it takes so long, it discourages testing. With this commit, we have re-activated the `--host-cc' option. It was already defined in the options of `./project', but its affect was nullified by hard-coding it to zero in the configure script on GNU/Linux systems. So with this commit that has been removed and the user can use their own C compiler on a GNU/Linux operating system also. Furthermore, to inform the user about this option and its usefulness, when GCC fails to build, a clear warning message is printed, instructing the user to post the problem as a bug and telling them how to continue building the project with the `--host-cc' option.
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