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Better explanation at the end of the configuration
Until now, at the end of the configuration step, we would tell the user this: "To change the configuration later, please re-run './project configure', DO NOT manually edit the relevant files". However, as Boud suggested in Bug #58243, this is against our principle to encourage users to modify Maneage. With this commit, that explanation has been expanded by a few sentences to tell the users what to change and warn them in case they decide to change the build-directory.
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@@ -1514,12 +1514,16 @@ cat <<EOF
The project and its environment are configured with no errors.
-Please run the following command to start.
+To change the configuration later, you can re-run './project configure' or
+manually edit 'reproduce/software/config/LOCAL.conf'. Just be careful with
+the build-directory: its location is hard-coded in the installed software
+so if you change it manually, many of the project's software will crash. If
+you have to use another built-directory, just re-configure a clean project
+Please run the following command to start the project.
(Replace '8' with the number of CPU threads on your system)
-To change the configuration later, please re-run './project configure', DO
-NOT manually edit the relevant files.