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2020-01-31Configure step: compiler checks done before basic settingsMohammad Akhlaghi-2/+2
2019-04-13Corrected copyright notices and info about adding copyright infoMohammad Akhlaghi-1/+2
2019-04-07Copyright notice added to all files missing oneMohammad Akhlaghi-0/+2
2019-04-02Copyright notice added to remaining filesMohammad Akhlaghi-0/+5
2018-08-11Minor edits in comments of .dir-locals.elMohammad Akhlaghi-5/+8
2018-08-11Problem with tabs in .mk file corrected in dir-locals.elMohammad Akhlaghi-8/+7
2018-07-08Files with .mk suffix as Makefiles in EmacsMohammad Akhlaghi-0/+4
2018-02-07First commit to the reproduction pipeline templateMohammad Akhlaghi-0/+20