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Adding a link to the *crt*.o files in the local install directory
Until now, we defined `LIBRARY_PATH' to fix the problem of the `ld' linker of Binutils needing several `*crt*.o' files to run. However, some software (for example ImageMagick) over-write `LIBRARY_PATH', therefore there is no other way than to put a link to these necessary files in our local build directory. With this commit, we fixed the problem by putting a link to the system's relevant files in the local library directory. This fixed the problem with ImageMagick. Later, when we build the GNU C Library in the project, we should remove this step. This bug reported by Raul Castellanos Sanchez.
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@@ -1208,6 +1208,7 @@ fi
# tools, but we have to be very portable (and use minimal features in all).
echo; echo "Building necessary software (if necessary)..."
make -k -f reproduce/software/make/basic.mk \
+ sys_library_path=$sys_library_path \
good_static_libc=$good_static_libc \
rpath_command=$rpath_command \
static_build=$static_build \