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authorMohammad Akhlaghi <mohammad@akhlaghi.org>2020-04-17 21:11:31 +0100
committerMohammad Akhlaghi <mohammad@akhlaghi.org>2020-04-17 21:14:33 +0100
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Removed confusing comment in configure.sh, and extra variable
In the previous commit, we remove the `-static' flag from building PatchELF because it wasn't necessary any more. Howver, the comment for the check still included it and could be confusing. This is corrected with this commit. Also, we don't need the `good_static_libc' variable (that was only defined to pass onto PatchELF). This has also been corrected.
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diff --git a/reproduce/software/shell/configure.sh b/reproduce/software/shell/configure.sh
index 919acde..9f6f3e6 100755
--- a/reproduce/software/shell/configure.sh
+++ b/reproduce/software/shell/configure.sh
@@ -331,15 +331,8 @@ fi
# See if a link-able static C library exists
# ------------------------------------------
-# After building GCC, we must use PatchELF to correct its RPATHs. However,
-# PatchELF links internally with `libstdc++'. So a dynamicly linked
-# PatchELF cannot be used to correct the links to `libstdc++' in general
-# (on some systems this causes no problem, but on others it doesn't!).
-# However, to build a Static PatchELF, we need to be able to link with the
-# static C library, which is not always available on some GNU/Linux
-# systems. Therefore we need to check this here. If we can't build a static
-# PatchELF, we won't build any GCC either.
+# A static C library and the `sys/cdefs.h' header are necessary for
+# building GCC.
if [ x"$host_cc" = x0 ]; then
echo; echo; echo "Checking if static C library is available...";
cat > $testsource <<EOF
@@ -352,11 +345,9 @@ EOF
cc_call="$CC $testsource $CPPFLAGS $LDFLAGS -o$testprog -static -lc"
if $cc_call && $testprog; then
- good_static_libc=1
rm $testsource $testprog
echo; echo "Compilation command:"; echo "$cc_call"
- good_static_libc=0
rm $testsource
@@ -1207,7 +1198,6 @@ fi
echo; echo "Building necessary software (if necessary)..."
make -k -f reproduce/software/make/basic.mk \
sys_library_path=$sys_library_path \
- good_static_libc=$good_static_libc \
rpath_command=$rpath_command \
static_build=$static_build \
numthreads=$numthreads \