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Better explanation in the start of project configuration
When './project configure' is run, after the basic checks of the compiler, a small statement is printed telling the user that some configuration questions will now be asked to start building Maneage on the system. Until now this description was confusing: it lead the reader to think that the local configuration (which was recommended to read before continuing) is in another file. With this commit, the text has been edited to explictly mention that the description of the steps following this notice should be read carefully. Thus avoiding that confusion. This issue was mentioned by Michael R. Crusoe.
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Project's local configuration
-Local configuration includes things like top-level directories, or
-processing steps. It is STRONGLY recommended to read the comments, and set
-the best values for your system (where necessary).
+Below, some basic local settings will be requested to start building
+Maneage on this system (if they haven't been specified on the
+command-line). This includes the top-level directories that Maneage will
+use on your system. Most are only optional and you can simply press ENTER,
+without giving any value (in this case, Maneage will download the necessary
+components from pre-defined webpages). It is STRONGLY recommended to read
+the description above each question before answering it.