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Configuration fail if gfortran necessary, but not built or available
When the host C compiler is used (either by calling '--host-cc' or on OSs that we can't build the GNU C Compiler), Maneage will also not build the Fortran compiler 'gfortran'. Until now, the './project configure' script would give a big warning about the need for 'gfortran' and the fact that it is missing, and would for 5 seconds, but it would continue anyway. For projects that don't need 'gfortran', this can be confusing to the users and for those that need 'gfortran', it means that a lot of time and cpu cycles are wasted compiling non-fortran software that are unusable in the end. With this commit, the 'need_gfortarn' variable has been added 'reproduce/software/shell/configure.sh', in a new part that is devoted to project-specific features. If it equals '0', then the 'gfortran' test (and message!) isn't done at all, but if it is set to '1', then the configure stage will halt immediately gfortran is not found and not built. The default operations of the core Maneage branch don't need 'gfortran', so by default it is set to 0. But 'gfortran' is necessary for all projects that use Numpy (Python's numeric library) for example. So if your project needs 'gfortran', please set this new variable to 1. As mentioned in the comments of 'configure.sh', ideally we should detect this automatically, but we haven't had the time to implement it yet.
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