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README-hacking.md: added new paper using Maneage (arXiv:2007.11779)
Roukema+2020 (arXiv:2007.11779) is a newly published (as preprint) paper that uses Maneage, so it is being added to the list of published or submitted papers in 'README-hacking.md'. The Software Heritage URL sticks out way beyond the standard number of columns in the plain text form of the updated 'README-hacking.md' file, when rendered using markdown, it shouldn't look so bad. Also, see the related task https://savannah.nongnu.org/task/index.php?15736 (Raul+2020 should be Infante-Sainz+2020) for a suggestion of a more standard machine-readable format. It should be mentioned and emphasised to the reader that one should very carefully and obediently note and pay attention to the noteworthy fact that a few distracting words [1] such as "Note that" are removed in this commit. ;) [1] https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/pontification
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@@ -173,10 +173,21 @@ Published works using Maneage
The list below shows some of the works that have already been published
-with (earlier versions of) Maneage. Previously it was simply called
-"Reproducible paper template". Note that Maneage is evolving, so some
-details may be different in them. The more recent ones can be used as a
-good working example.
+with (earlier versions of) Maneage, and some that have been recently
+submitted for peer review. The previous version of Maneage was called
+"Reproducible paper template", with a separate git tree. Maneage is
+evolving rapidly, so some details will differ between the different
+versions. The more recent papers will tend to be the most useful as good
+working examples.
+ - Roukema ([2020](https://arxiv.org/abs/2007.11779),
+ arXiv:2007.11779): The live version of the controlled source is [at
+ Codeberg](https://codeberg.org/boud/subpoisson); the main input
+ dataset, a software snapshot, the software tarballs, the project
+ outputs and editing history are available at
+ [zenodo.3951152](https://zenodo.org/record/3951152); and the
+ archived git history is also available at
+ [swh:1:dir:fcc9d6b111e319e51af88502fe6b233dc78d5166](https://archive.softwareheritage.org/swh:1:dir:fcc9d6b111e319e51af88502fe6b233dc78d5166).
- Akhlaghi et al. ([2020](https://arxiv.org/abs/2006.03018),
arXiv:2006.03018): The project's version controlled source is [on