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authorMohammad Akhlaghi <mohammad@akhlaghi.org>2021-01-04 01:52:25 +0000
committerMohammad Akhlaghi <mohammad@akhlaghi.org>2021-01-04 01:52:25 +0000
commit31f4ea3faf6d357ae5889dc4aa9bd5b5457243ce (patch)
parentb1bd282bc3bcd11573fc064edfbab1bd65564348 (diff)
Building of less software depends on ncurses
Until now, the 'less' software package (used to view large files easily on the command-line and used by Git for things like 'git diff' or 'git log') only depended on 'patchelf' (which is a very low-level software). However, as Boud reported in bug #59811 [1], building less would crash with an error saying "Cannot find terminal libraries" in some systems (including the proposed Docker image of 'README.md' which I confirmed afterwards). Looking into the 'configure' script of 'less', I noticed that 'less' is actually just checking for some functions provided by the ncurses library! With this commit, 'less' depends on 'ncurses'. I was able to confirm that with this change, 'less' successfully builds within the Docker image. [1] https://savannah.nongnu.org/bugs/?59811
1 files changed, 1 insertions, 1 deletions
diff --git a/reproduce/software/make/basic.mk b/reproduce/software/make/basic.mk
index c4f0a16..4e69a32 100644
--- a/reproduce/software/make/basic.mk
+++ b/reproduce/software/make/basic.mk
@@ -974,7 +974,7 @@ $(ibidir)/gmp-$(gmp-version): \
# Less is useful with Git (to view the diffs within a minimal container)
# and generally to view large files easily when the project is built in a
# container with a minimal OS.
-$(ibidir)/less-$(less-version): $(ibidir)/patchelf-$(patchelf-version)
+$(ibidir)/less-$(less-version): $(ibidir)/ncurses-$(ncurses-version)
$(call import-source, $(less-url), $(less-checksum))
$(call gbuild, less-$(less-version), static,,-j$(numthreads))